Electronic Logging Devices

Required as of December 2017

Electronic Logging Devices

On December 10th the FMCSA announced they will require all motor carriers to implement Eectronic Logging Devices by December of 2017.   What does this mean for the event marketing industry?  

Equipment wise, I don't feel this will be much of a challenge.  Vendors such as Ryder, Penske etc. will have solutions availble on rentals.  There will also be lots of plug and play solutions availble from vendors for other vehicles that will work with smart phones.  

In my opinion, the challenge will be education staff and clients alike that not complying with HOS is no longer an option.  Most agencies try to follow the HOS, but sometimes client demands conflict and agencie's hands are forced.  Staff can be another challenge, often they will stay in a location longer to site see, spend time with family etc. and then drive illegally to make the event.  

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